Saturday, May 9, 2015


If you are a boy ages 6 to 18 then grab your camping gear and get ready to head into the great outdoors.  The Sweet Prospect Boy's Camping trip is coming up on May 15th at Sam A. Baker State Park.  This event is open to all boys at Sweet Prospect along with their fathers and grandfathers.  Each boy can also invite a friend to attend.

The church is paying for food and campsite fees, but asked each boy to help with costs by bringing $7.00. The boys may bring an additional $5 for spending money in the camp store if they choose.

The boys will be preparing and cooking their own food over a campfire.  On Friday night we will be having one of the outdoor classics in campers stew.  The boys will take hamburger and cut up potatoes, carrots and onions then wrap it in a foil pack to cook in the coals.  For dessert they will hollow out an orange then fill it with cake mix, wrap it in foil and place it in the coals to bake.  The next morning we will cook eggs and sausage in a skillet, while each boy puts a cinnamon roll on a stick and slowly bakes it over the fire. Lunch will be the easiest meal as the boys grill basic hamburgers and hot dogs.

Gear List  
We will be cooking more than hotdogs!
Ä Flashlight
Ä Sleeping bag & pillow
Ä Hiking shoes, tennis shoes will work
Ä Gloves
Ä Canteen
Ä Pocket Knife, Fishing Pole & tackle box
Ä 1 change of clothes & swimsuit
Ä Coat or Sweatshirt
Ä Tent if you have one
Ä $7 entry & $5 for spending money

· Leave at 4:00 pm from Church
· Arrive at Camp by 5:00 pm -fishing after setting up camp
View from top of bluff
· Cook supper at 7:00 pmCampers Stew & Orange Cake
· Devotion, games & storytelling until 12:00 ams'mores
· Rise and shine 6:00 am
· Breakfast 7:00 amEggs, Sausage & Cinnamon rolls on a stick
· Hike Mudlick trail at 8:00 am 
· Fishing after hike
· Lunch at 11:00 am –Hamburgers and Hot dogs
· Clean up camp and head for home 1:00 pm
· Arrive @ Dexter 2:00 pm
· Parents pick up boys at Church

The beautiful St. Francois River running along Sam A Baker State Park makes it a relaxing place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Our Saturday morning hike on Mudlick trail will take us to the top of the bluffs high above the river overlooking the beauty of the Ozark foothills. The boys will have to decide if they are up for the longer 8 mile loop or if the want to take the shortcut and only go for 3 miles.

We will have some time to fish and swim in the river
Be sure and bring your tackle box & fishing pole, but remember to get your fishing licenses if your over 16.  The St. Francois River is know for it's small mouth and google eye fishing.  Shoot, if the boys do good enough we might even be able to fry some fish with our hamburgers and hot dogs! 

We do need to know who is going by May 13th so we can have enough food for everyone.  Please let Rod know at church or you can call or email him at the address below.   

This campout will be tons of fun for the boys and offer a great time of fellowship for the adults as we thank God and enjoy the outdoors He created.  If you have any questions call Rod Jetton at 573-225-4444 or email at    

     We will be at campsites 16 & 17 which are down by the river.

Do you think these boys can handle the long hike?


Friday, May 1, 2015


Ed praying for Pastors in Poland
On Mat 23rd and 24th Ed Kleiman, of Small Cloud Ministries will be leading a prayer conference at Sweet Prospect Baptist Church in Dexter, Missouri.  

Ed, a Messianic Jew, grew up in St. Louis "worshipping & serving the god in the mirror" as he refers to it. From the age of sixteen to forty one he offered up daily sacrifices to this god; of drugs, alcohol, and sexual immorality. Then God granted him repentance (Acts 11:18), and God's gift of eternal life by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone (Ephesians 2:8), on October 23rd, 1994.

After attending Covenant Theological Seminary Ed preached for the first time on November 16th, 1997. In 1999 he began preaching at Sunshine Mission, a homeless shelter in St. Louis.  During his 16 years of ministry at the Mission God has granted new life to some of the most down-&-out, through their trust and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. In 2000, Ed became part of, and now serves full time with the mission’s organization, International Messengers.

Ed has ministered to thousands of people here in America and all over the world by leading prayer initiatives and teaching on prayer. Before they head to places in Poland, Hungary, Romania, the United States, Germany, Slovakia, and the Ukraine, Ed trains new missionary students at the Training Center for International Messengers in Libby, Montana. In addition to his teaching and preaching here in America Ed has gone on several mission trips to teach and minister to missionary’s and lay leaders in other cities in Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia. 

Like all great historical revivals in the past, Ed believes prayer continues to be a crucial, and still often missing element. Since 1999 the Lord has been using Ed to preach on the importance of the local church, God's design for the family, especially the role of men, the call for missions, while always emphasizing the power, priority, and purposes of prayer. Ed will be teaching Christians how to add zeal to their Christian life and transform their prayers into a powerful force that brings down God's grace on Dexter, Missouri. 

Pastor Ray Rowland added, "We are grateful the Lord has allowed Ed Kleiman to lead a prayer conference in Dexter, Missouri and want to extend an invitation to other Christians in our community.  Our church will host a breakfast and 2 hour prayer and teaching session starting at 8:00 am on Saturday with an evening session starting at 7:00 pm that night.  Then Ed will deliver the Sunday message on the 24th titled 'Our Hearts Desire & Prayer'.” 

Ed stressed the following about prayer, "FrancisSchaeffer said, 'If we are a community built on

prayer, and we're not a praying people, then this is the end of the world.' Well, this may not be the end of the world but most of us can clearly see that the church is not having the impact on the culture it should. I believe Francis Schaeffer was right. The presence and power of God is not manifestly dwelling among His people, and we are not seeing the Lord work simply because we are not asking, seeking, and knocking in prayer (Matthew 7:7). Yet, I have seen the Lord work powerfully in response to the faithful prayers of His believing children. I have seen it in different parts of this country, and in many other parts of the world." 

"Please pray for Ed’s visit to Dexter and ask God to move mightily so that Christians will begin to pray for the lost in our community. The Lord has used Ed’s ministry to rekindle a passion for Jesus Christ in many churches throughout the United States, we ask you to join us in thanking God for what He will do during this prayer conference, concluded Sweet Prospect prayer coordinator Rod Jetton.